Cast of Characters

It occurred to me that I will be referencing many beings (most won’t be people) on this blog. So, here’s who’s who:

The Big Guy – I won’t put a pic of him up unless he says it’s ok. My spouse of many years.

Jada – the dog. Goes by many names. Jada Potata, Tater, Dog, Jada Rose. I dress her up for festivals and sometimes on Halloween.JDog

Nochi – the black cat. Noisy one of the 4, she’s also the lightest in weight. Keeps my toes warm at night. She didn’t really like being a pirate for this picture.

2012-10-02 17.46.10

Nami – Blurry tabby. Also known as Nami Nami Tsunami. Looks like she’s worried and would offer you a cup of tea. Snuggles up to my side at night, I guess so I won’t roll off the bed. I’m not sure how we kept the hat on her for this.

2013-02-16 15.31.47

Poe – Orange tiger. Generalisimo Poe Poe of the Peoples’ Poepublic. Yeah, we aren’t sane. He either looks very regal or very derpy. Little inbetween with him. He does not meow. Well, he does, but there is little to no sound with it.

20140705_082206          poe

Moe – moo cat. This is the Big Guy’s cat. There is no doubt at all who his favorite human is. Moe has a stubby tail. Not from an accident, he was just born that way. He has a VERY loud purr.


The Chickens will be listed in a different post. I have 8 hens and two roosters at the moment, but if Zippy doesn’t stop crowing outside my window……

I also have 3 wonderful children and several heartkin grands. More on them later.

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