The 2016 Garden Dream

Whooo, Nellie, do I have dreams. In addition to the fruit trees and bushes, I have a LONG list of things I want to plant. I already have seeds saved from last years garden and from prior year purchases of seeds that I want to grow: Zucchini, spahgetti squash, those hot peppers that did so well last year but only 3 plants this year, grape tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, Rose de Berne tomatoes, radishes, kolhrabi – I’ve never had this but it looks cool, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, beets, salad mix lettuces, and leaf spinach. I finally ordered from Baker Creek after years of drooling over their catalogs. I ordered Boule D’Or turnip, Perpetual Spinach, Wilhelmsburg rutabaga, chocolate bell pepper just because it looks neat, Halflong Guernsey parsnip, Wethersfield red onion, and Stuttgarter Onion. I’m going to need a bigger yard!

The front yard will get some of the more interesting and pretty veggies. I’ll put the remainder in the back in the 3 raised beds and in the big pots I got last year. I’ve been doing a weird version of composting – I just dump the kitchen scraps into the raised bed and let the chickens work it. I also dump their coop litter in there along with the wood ash from our wood burner. By spring it should be very rich. In the summer, I dump into their run. I call it composting in place. I’m also planning on getting a pickup truck load of composted manure.

The goal seems to be to have no yard left at all. The people area and pond will be fenced off to keep the Feathered Fiends out. I want to trellis cover the propane tank and the rain barrels. They are not exactly ugly but I would like to not see them. I also need a place to put vining veggies and hang the hose. Another raised bed or 2. Big Guy wants to do bees so we will be building a Honey Cow in the spring. Or maybe 2. I think they will go in the corner under the apple tree. The pond needs rocks around it – it’s been on my To Do list for way too long. And the path around it needs relaid. And the front fenced yard where the raspberries are needs reworked. And the front unfenced yard needs MOAR VEG BEDS! See, no more yard! The Fiends have pretty much eliminated the back yard grass.

Here’s my 2016 plan:

2016 Plans -A

I don’t know how much I will get done, but it’s good to at least have a goal. I am sure these rough plans will go through many changes. The plant placement is just a rough idea, really. It’s too early yet to tell.

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