The word of the year

A lot of blogs that I read have a word of the year that is supposed to be their focus word. While I really do not like jumping on that sort of bandwagon, I had been contemplating my life and its focus. Or lack thereof. With that in mind, the words “intentional” and “mindful” kept cropping up in my readings and thought processes. From scriptures to homesteading blogs, “mindful” is the word everyone seems to be using. Darn it, it was supposed to be MY word. Not everyone else’s!

I will share the word. My focus is on me, after all, not what everyone else is doing. I am living more deliberately. Intentionally. Mindfully. All those things that come with the new year. None of which were resolutions, because I don’t “do” resolutions as such. I am eating healthier, real food. I am exercising – not as much as I should, but more than I was. I am watching my spending. I am decluttering. Ok, those of you who have seen my house can stop laughing now. I really am trying to purge the excess stuff. I am trying to learn new skills and improve the ones I already know. I want to learn a new language. Anyone know of a good app for Android that teaches Korean?

I want to do all these things in a deliberate, intentional, focused way. Whether or not I succeed, the journey will be worth it. Mindfully. And I will enjoy every day. Carpe the heck out of that diem.

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