My Sister Is Trying to Kill Me

Otherwise known as “Want to go on a hike?”. She is a hiker. A serious hiker. Me, not so much. I walk. I did get up to some long dog walks last year but it was all paved road type walking. Ok, some of it was hilly, but not what anyone could call a proper HIKE. So she drags me to these lovely sites in PA. Last year we went to Ringing Rocks

– that was actually the Big Guy’s idea and the rocks really DO ring when you hit them. It’s basically a big boulder field. The graffiti was so well done, I couldn’t even be upset about it. Lyman Run, where we camped, and

Colton Point,

where we then walked a bit of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Pine Creek is beautiful!

Angel Falls (offshoot of the Loyalsock Trail) with Jada and Tippy,

and Pine Grove Furnace.

A friend of mine, Rory, and I went to Rickett’s Glen.

Wow, maybe I am a hiker! I do highly recommend the PA State websites on their parks. And I recommend the parks. They are fabulous and a very good use of our tax dollars.

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