Garden in February

2/15/2016 Well, there isn’t any gardening going on here in Central PA in February. But, gardeners are optimists. I have my seeds for the year. I have plans. I have goals. I have 2 galardia – blanket flower on top of a bookshelf wintering over. So far the cat hasn’t managed to eat it. I have 72 onion seeds planted as of February 15. I have I have snow falling and frozen ground. I have 2-3 weeks before I should start the next batch of seedlings.

2/20/2016 I peeked at the onions. Nothing yet. I forget which side is which variety. I guess I’ll find out when it is time to harvest them. It was 64 degrees here today, so I took advantage of it and sorted out the small bits of firewood we have left. I have a pallet of logs that need sawn in half to fit inside the woodburner and another pallet ready to go. This is what is left from the cord we got in January. It felt good being out in the sunshine getting the porch and deck sorted out a little bit for the coming projects. Still too early to start any other seeds. Spring fever is here full force. I am holding it at bay by watching You Tube videos of British gardeners and their allotment gardens. Wow, there are some serious gardeners there!

2/21/2016 The turnips I got at the grocery store started sprouting. So, since I don’t know what I am doing anyway, I am experimenting with seeing if the cut off tops will continue to grow. I put them in some starter soil and set them next to the onion seeds in a sunny window.20160221_180226[1]

And I even do have some of them sprouting! So excited!!!

That’s a sprout there in the middle, honest!
I also pruned a few of the crossed branches on the fruit trees. Nothing major, just a few snips while I was out enjoying the sunshine and mud.

2/28/2016 More onions have sprouted.

Baby Onions!
I also started some sweet potato.


Basically, cut a potato from the grocery store in half


and stuck it in water.

 I should have slips soon and they should be ready to put out by Memorial Day.

I got some good deals at the Dollar Store. Or Dollar General. I forget what it’s called. 20160228_183326[1]

Four seed packs, a mister bottle, and a pair of garden gloves. $3 total. Not too bad! Gloves never last anyway unless they are the thick heavy ones. I should stock up on the lightweight ones. Too bad I can’t just buy right hand ones. Those are the ones that wear out at the finger tip for me.

Today was in the 50s but the ground even in the raised beds is still frozen. We are supposed to get snow later this week. It is normal for this area. I got some trash out of the yard and sat out on the porch with the Fiends for a while. It’s my little slice of heaven.



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