Inside Stuff

Fighting my hoarder tendencies. Starting at the top and working my way down.

2/23/2016 Random spot here where I will be detailing what I am doing inside the house. There are a lot of projects to be done, ¬†from purging saved crap, to painting and decorating, to construction. Today’s chore was getting a box spring for a twin bed up to the third floor. That is sort of finished. No heat but there is carpeting and paneling, even if the rooms are not dormered out. Now what was our eldest’s room has 2 twin beds with a dresser in it, just in case we get overnight visitors in any quantity. It still has all the old computers that don’t work in it and an old CRT monitor. When I get the energy and ambition, I’ll haul those downstairs to be sent somewhere else. I did drag down an old office chair that is in good shape except for the fact that it does not raise up anymore. Office chair for the wee folk? Uh, no. Out it goes. I’ll try sticking a “FREE” sign on it and see if anyone takes it.

After. Well, not DONE done, but so far…
2/28/16 Office chair got taken, CRT monitor is still on the curb. Nothing else done up there. I think I am going to put some dollar store shower curtains on the beds to be waterproof bedspreads. Catproof. Because cats are sometimes not very nice. Debating using one single lamp in the middle or two at each side of the dresser. I have a coffee table for the end of one bed and a trunk for the other. Once I get the remaining computer carcasses out it will be done. On to sorting the Christmas decorations! Years of old lights will be tossed!


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