Random Thoughts

Just a place for the weird musings that are not enough for a full post. (reminder, I never claimed to be sane)

I always thought it was Brussel Sprouts, not Brussels Sprouts until recently.

The lids from parmesean cheese jars fit on mason jars. Best Pinterest tip ever!

Going to all those decorating blogs, I keep seeing “Pottery Barn inspired” posts. Well, where does Pottery Barn get its inspiration?

Jada is so cute when she pees. She lifts her one rear foot off the ground. It reminds me of the pinky out with tea.

Proverbs 31 was written by a man.

Since there are few low carb crunchy snacks premade, I need to remember to dehydrate a lot of zucchini chips and tomato chips for winter crunch munchies. I just finished the last of the dried tomatoes. I have a feeling that once any harvest comes in, the dehydrator will go in the back room to free up counter space and be going continually. Maybe I’ll plant two zucchini plants this year.



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