More Garden in March

March Garden Update.

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03/10/2016 Planted 12 cells of starter pots with 2 seeds each tomatoes. 4 Romas 4 grape and 4 Rose de Berne. Planted 12 broccoli in peat pots. 2 spaghetti squash planted in individual pots. Pulled all the old water iris leaves up, or trimmed them to the ground so they don’t drag into the pond. There has to be a use for those old leaves. They are so fibrous. I suppose I could weave some baskets. Like that is going to happen!

03/14/16 Happy Pi Day. Planted 4 Waltham Butternut Squash, 16 Cauliflower, 16 Brussels Sprouts, and 4 Romanesco Broccoli. The Romanesco are very weirdly shaped, like a mutant Christmas tree. No pics because it would just be a picture of dirt in a pot.

Not much going on in the garden outside. I just dumped a bag of rabbit cage cleanout from Mr Peebles yesterday into a raised bed. Daffodils  are starting to come up, and the pond has cleared up nicely. I really REALLY need to get the rocks around it this year.

03/18/2016 It was nice these last few days so I putzed about in the yard. Still really too early to do any gardening out there but getting it ready to go.

I have figured out where the chicken fence is going so they stay out of the vegetables and out of the people area. I was debating letting them in with the veggies but just fencing off the beds like I did last year, but if I do that, it will require more corners. I may change my mind again. Any way I do it will require 3 gates.

Spent today moving paving rocks. They are not all where I want them to be yet so I have not set them  in their permanent home. This is just to get a rough idea of what I have and what I need. I do want to find a way to use the broken sidewalk slabs. They are very thick and I do not want to think about how much it would cost to dispose of them. I am thinking maybe a patio area at the pear tree end of the chicken run. There’s a gap between the run and the fence that would make a good spot for a rabbitry if we decide to raise meat rabbits. It needs cleared out first. That’s where our burner barrel area used to be. Old barrels need to GO and rubble needs leveled.

The front fenced yard path needs reset. And the raspberry brambles need pulled. Forsythia trimmed. Weeds pulled. But it is better than it was last year.

Baby parsnips!

The path to nowhere. 20160318_141459[1]

Well, it does go to the coop and around the pond from the patio.

With a small sitting area next to the pond. 20160318_141615[1].jpg

It did go behind the pear tree before we got it and got rid of the burner area. I’ve removed most of those rocks/pavers for use elsewhere.

And back up to the patio.20160318_141625[1].jpg

The plan is to line the pathway with 4 x 4s, lay down an old carpet cut to fit, and fill it halfway with sawdust before setting the rocks. I can get sawdust for free. It will take a long time to break down to where I will need to do it again.

The fishies were out today.20160318_142412[1]

These are just common goldfish. Actually, they are the cheap feeder fish, 10 for a dollar.

This is the front fenced yard. The pathway is to the oil delivery intake. The rest of it is a mess. I do like the wild raspberries the local birds gave me ages ago but boy, do they need to be watched. The minute you don’t pay attention to them, they take over! But, hey, free food. And the raspberries do make a nice curd to give to the best mother in law in the world for her birthday.

Two of my tomatoes and one spaghetti squash have sprouted! Roma tomato is slacking off!

The sweet potato is growing shoots. The turnips are leafing like crazy. I only planted them as an experiment. Nice tasting greens for in a salad. I think I will be doing this with all my turnips I buy. I have 2 window box type planters that would be useful for this. Might as well get extra use out of the scraps.

That’s it for the moment.

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