Mid-March Garden

03/20/2016 Happy Spring! Got the rest of the parsnip sprouts in dirt now. Transplanted half the onions. I hope they make it. Next time I plant onions from seed, I will NOT use the small cell starter set. I want to start the bell peppers also but I ran out of the soil. Went shopping for poles for the bean trellis, an indoor small watering can for the seedlings, grow lights, seed pots, ¬†fencing and gate materials, and any other goodies I could find. Found the poles at Lowes but they had nothing else I liked. Walmart did have the pots, but nothing else. I didn’t really like the gate options at Lowes. I think I may have to actually build one.

03/23/2016 I planted 4 more Butternut Squash seeds. The others have done nothing. They are 4 year old seeds. I’ve also somewhat figured out what goes where this year. Subject to change as soon as I go to do it. I REALLY REALLY need to get that pond liner edged. It’s only been 3 or 4 years. In the mean time, the metal vase that we use as a spillway from the biofilter rusted. The lip part of it is completely off now. We do have another one that could be a replacement, but I may make a rock waterfall spillway instead. As long as I’m redoing the rocks anyway.

The tally of what has sprouted so far:
onions – hope these survive. Looking frail.

parsnips – at least 34. I lost count.

9 cabbage

7 grape tomato

6 Rose de Berne tomato

4 Roma tomato

1 yellow wax bean

4 Romanesco broccoli

8 cauliflower

1 Brussels sprout

2 spaghetti squash

1 cucumber

sweet potato

and the turnip tops are still leafing out. Science!

Rethinking the path. I will put down the old carpet as a weed block but just put in a bag or 2 of gravel every week. I like that better than sawdust. Fence to keep the Fiends out first, though.



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