End of March Wrap Up and the Beginning of April

03/26/2016 I finally screwed together the last raised bed for the back yard. Because of the Fiends’ Fence that I need to install, I won’t have room for any more. Unless I move it over….hmmmm. Then I could put a narrow one in front of the rain barrels and trellis up vining plants. hmmmmm….I could also do a U shaped one around the propane tank. I think I may do that.

I don’t know if the onions I transplanted are going to make it. They look worse. But I have some successes. The tomatoes are doing great. The spaghetti squash is really going nuts. The cucumber all sprouted. Unfortunately, I may need to start the cabbage all over again. I put it out today thinking it would be warmer but it all went limp. I’ll see how it is tomorrow. Either way, I will want more, so I will start some more next week.

IMG_20160324_133413[1] Well that’s a rather crappy picture. Taken with my tablet. Anyway, the new bed is the furthest away, just beyond the bed with the boards on it. I have also replaced the trellis in the right bed. That is where my green beans are going this year.

Tidied up the path to the oil delivery intake. It looks a lot better. I need to get the shovel out there and dig up some forsythia that has rooted. IMG_20160324_172240[1]

04/03/2016 I got ambitious and got the front sidewalk bed and the driveway bed weeded and raked. Then, it snowed this morning. It’s all melted but still. I want to PLANT!!!20160402_151002[1].jpg Yellow wax beans will go here, where the yellow hot peppers were last year.


20160402_151008[1].jpg I haven’t decided what will go here.

There are signs of spring all around my yard:

20160402_133035[1].jpg Pear Tree. This variety is Moonglow semi-dwarf.

Cherry tree.20160402_133121[1]

Cherry tree.20160402_133142[1]

We planted 3 cherry trees last year and I am not sure which one is which. I forgot to note it when we planted them. Oops.

A neighbor’s Forsythia20160402_140143[1]

Tiny little daffodils that I do not remember planting. I hope the lavender behind it comes back. I need to weed this area. It is the strip between the sidewalk and the curb. Goal is for it to be all flowers.20160402_140321[1]

The seedlings are popping up. I have 4 butternut squashes! Parsnips doing ok. Iare all up. The chocolate bell peppers sprouted finally. King of the North bells have not yet, but I am still hoping.

I do think gardeners are the most optimistic people.

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