The Fiends of March

January’s egg total was 48 eggs, after a 2 month long molt/sunlight shutdown of production. Our coop is not lighted so that had something to do with it. February’s total was 47. Cate’s eggs are the really dark ones, Bridget’s are the palest brown. I don’t think Serena or Ruth are laying at all. Neither are my blue/green layers, although Mabel is showing a lot of feather damage on her back. I think she is a favorite of one of the roosters. Or both of them. Nasty birds. I may have to make her a chicken saddle. They look like little dresses to protect their backs.

03/03/2016 Mabel is laying! 2 blue/green eggs in the refrigerator now. I really need to make her that saddle. Her back looks sore now.

3/18/2016 Zippy, Cate, Serena, & Ruth:20160318_154627[1].jpgWe are getting an average of 3 eggs a day now. I still don’t think Ruth is laying but she is not a breed known for that. She was supposed to be part of a meat bird experiment. 12 eggs. One hatched. Sigh. Hard to dispatch one if you know which one it is. Until I get VERY hungry. And she’s now beyond that “tender” age. I do have a presser cooker. Hmmmm, Ruth, you’d better start laying!

(Mar_12,_2016_03-32_PM)SAMSUNG_SM-N900V(4128x2322)[1] Bridget


Both Ameraucanas are laying now! And on St Patrick’s Day, the egg was very green!


Zippy looking gorgeous.

03/23/2016 Note to self: check under the coop for eggs. Found 2 there today. Float tested them and they were ok. If they don’t float, they are good.

04/03/2016 Bridget is the under coop layer. Silly girl. Last year she laid in weird spots also. Now we are getting 3-4 eggs a day. We will be eating a lot of eggs! I do plan on freezing some. I didn’t know until recently that you can do that. Just put them in an ice cube tray and freeze it. Pop them out, baggie them up, and they will keep for a long time. I will be doing that later in the late spring to mid summer for when the Fiends take their winter break. March’s total was 97 eggs.

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