April’s Backyard Barnyard

04/05/2016 Seedlings still inside. Tonight the low is supposed to be 18*F! Not much better on Saturday. So, I will keep the baby plants inside. I moved bed 1 today to where the 3 circles are on the plan. Lot of fun moving all that dirt. Shove chickens out of the way, scoop dirt. Toss dirt in bed 3. Move chickens. Toss dirt in wheelbarrow while carefully (or not) avoiding chicken. Shove chickens out of the way, scoop dirt. Move wheelbarrow while kicking (gently) chickens out of the way. Dump into bed 4 while not caring if chickens get dirt on them. They are so helpful. Not. I think we’ve decided on plan 1 for the Fiends to have for their free range area. I will choose soon. I need them out of the people area.fence plans

I may possibly move the blueberries that are on the left side to the front fenced yard. We’ll see. They’ve only been in the ground since late summer/early fall of last year.

04/06/2016 Oooooooh! Looky, looky what came today! THANK YOU, Merry!!!


It’s a green poly greenhouse! When assembled it will be 6′ x 8′. Now to figure out the best place for it. I think probably between the apple and cherry trees (the cherry tree is only about 4′ tall) where the dog house is. Dog never uses the house anyway.

We decided on plan 1 for the Fiend fencing.


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