Updated: The Great Greenhouse Build

Fixed the weird picture placement.
Ok, the title is a bit of a stretch. It’s super easy and the pieces were well labeled.


The box. Almost like Christmas. So excited!


The site. The apple tree is to the left. Cherry tree to the right.


The pieces.


Base assembled.


Halfway there!


Ooops. Missing piece #6. One of the roof supports. I called the company and they are sending out a replacement.


Put on the cover anyway, while waiting for piece #6. I have plants in there now. I like it so far. The top gets the morning sun more than I thought it would, since it is above the fence’s shadow. Good to know for next spring’s seed starting. I want to put concrete blocks around the base to hold the plastic down and maybe fill them with dirt to use as strawberry planters. If I can figure out a way to keep the Feathered Fiends out of them.

Update. Had a very windy day. Since I didn’t have blocks down, the durn thing blew over. So, while I am waiting for piece #6, cover is off and the plants are back inside. The ones that survived, that is.

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