End of April in the Backyard & Frontyard

04/22/2016 Moving the keyhole shaped pavers from the sitting area next to the pond to in front of the coop. No one ever sat there anyway. Then I will reconfigure the path around it, since we no longer need a path to the now removed burner barrel area. Fun with flat rocks!

I potted up the 2 spaghetti squash in the really big pots but wind broke the stem of one of them. So, I’ve set another few seeds to sprout. By the time they do that, I can put them right out.

The yellow wax beans had the same problem. But since it is forecast to be fairly warm, I just planted more in the bed where I was going to put them anyway. Bed #3. The other side got the Blue Lake Pole Beans. Fencing around to keep out the Fiends.

Got the front garden beds planted out and figured out. Turnips and peppers will go in the ground in May. The rest of those 2 beds is done.

Sidewalk Garden April 2016.jpg

The sidewalk bed. I put sticks up where all the plants got put so I don’t accidentally weed them. Yeah, I would do that.
The local feral cats like to go under the porch. I am thinking of putting some catmint next to their entry hole.

The Roma tomatoes are in bigger pots and half of the Rose de Berne are also. I have started saving all my cottage cheese tubs now to use next year. I didn’t have enough temporary pots. I am also saving toilet paper tubes for the parsnips and styrofoam meat trays for underneath all the pots. Gardening on the cheap.

04/28/2016 The replacement piece for the greenhouse came on Saturday. Got the whole thing back together and the cover back on. Now I just need to figure out how to keep the door open on windy days without the whole thing blowing away again.

Sprouted some sunflower seeds from the Fiends’ nightly snack supply. I will use them to screen the propane tank and the rainbarrels. Might as well make the yard look pretty. Sprouted out some turnips last week so they got planted in the reserved spot next to the driveway. Only got 12 so far. Set some more to sprout. Or as the proper allotmenters call it, “chitting”.

20160418_081546[1]The cherry trees actually bloomed this year! I didn’t expect them to since we planted them just last year. And the poor apple tree is hanging on. Even the damaged branch that really needs removed is blooming. Pear trees are both in bloom also. Blueberry bushes also.

I bought another rhubarb. I potted it up and it split into two, so just maybe, I will be able to have one survive. I don’t know why I have had such lousy luck with them. I am going to try putting them in the front fenced part of the yard. Unless I change my mind. But that seems the best place at the moment.

The mystery spot in the front garden next to the hosta got beets in it. I got fancy with those beds and made labels for the individual plants. I took one of those indelible markers that welders use on pipes and wrote on rocks that were there.


I have most of the seedlings in the greenhouse now. I’m getting impatient to get them all in the beds. I really need to get the truckload of composted manure. Maybe this weekend. Then I can focus on the Fiend Fence. And the path. And the pond. And, and, and. It never ends, does it?

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