Mid-May Garden

05/16/16 through 05/22/16 Made some seed tape and planted 20 carrots in front of the cabbage. I am not really expecting great carrots since the ground is rather stoney, but the foliage will be pretty along the sidewalk. Any carrots will be a bonus. I don’t use a lot of carrots anyway.

Got the fencing material to make the Fiend Fence. Just need to install it now.

Took one of the jars of super thick brick jam, added about half a jar of water, and some more berries. Reheated and rejarred. I think it worked. I’ll test some tonight.  Yes! It worked!!

I bought some rhubarb and had it in a pot. Darned Fiends ate all but one leaf! I thought they were toxic. Fiends must not be sensitive to that.20160516_115013[1]

We have a cherry! A. Cherry. One. I think I’ll name it George. 20160519_160438[1]

Have the Fiend Fence posts in. Weather is supposed to be rainy for the next two days so the dirt around the posts will have a chance to settle in. I’ve gone around and foot stomped at the bases so they are firmed in a bit. Gates are in place. 4x4s are cut for the border to the paver area in front of the coop. Next dry day will be working on the fence and paver area. The remainder of the Fiend Fence is the green coated 2″x4″ wire mesh stuff.


Baby blueberries! Doubt we will get enough this first year to do much with. I need to look up how to propagate them. I don’t think 3 bushes will be enough for me.


Pear tree is loaded again with lots of fruit.


I bought 12 June bearing strawberry plants. Now where do I put them? I have two baskets that might work for two of them. Maybe by the patio under the pear tree.

I think that is enough rambling for the moment. More at the end of the month with updates on the Fiends, my sister trying to kill me, and the annual parade.




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