End of May Wrap Up

05/24/2016 Got the Fiend Fence up! They are not, I repeat, NOT happy about that. Mabel was really trying to get through it this morning. Then she was pacing back and forth along the fence line. They’ll get used to it. 20160516_143247[1]

Got the Romanesco broccoli planted. I hope Jada does not step on them. Rose de Berne tomatoes are next on the list. I bought some creeping phlox for the spot next to the driveway in the “hell strip” and split it into two. Put the other half next to the irises that are around the telephone pole on the opposite end of said hell strip. While planting that one, I noticed a faint anise or licorice scent. I never knew my irises had a scent! It was definitely coming from the iris.

Also bought 12 strawberry plants. I put one in a hanging basket and one in a hanging basket that I turned into a pedestal planter. Now to figure out where to put the other 10.

Since I am so dang proud of those cages around the square planters, I am going to swap them out with the smaller ones out by the polyhouse. Just because the chickens can’t get at them now, is no reason to not make use of them. And this way, I don’t have to make cages for the planters that are out there now. Just swap.

In the last few months, Moe has started bumping the back of my head as he walks by. This is something new. He’s 9. And it isn’t just a one bump pass by. It’s 2 or 3 hard pushes and then he goes on. Weird cat. Gorgeous, but weird.

Moe being silly


06/05/2016 Got the strawberries planted next to the patio under the tall pear tree. They seem happy there. Got the Rose de Berne in. Got the planters swapped. Found out the kohlrabi and radish seeds were mislabeled. I think what I thought was radish is kohlrabi. I know what I thought was kohlrabi is radish. Harvested those already and planted more. Very spicy variety, whatever it was. 20160523_120251.jpg 20160523_134714.jpg

The Feathered Fiends did great in May – a total of 145.5 eggs. The .5 one was a “fairy egg”. They are smaller and are only the white. I had one of those in April, also. It happens. I now have 28 eggs frozen in the freezer waiting for the winter slow down. And a whole quiche. And 42 in the refrigerator. I need more egg recipes.

Part of the reason I haven’t posted is that I am learning how to YouTube in addition to how to blog. My channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-YpuQf4atLN1ipA9cuVFg  I know that is an awkward link. There is a way to have your name as the channel name, but I haven’t found out how to do that yet. This trying to stay current stuff is mildly stressful and somewhat exciting. Admittedly, it is all vanity stuff. I don’t have anything earthshattering to report, but it is a way my distant kids can see what I am doing (like my Facebook posts aren’t enough?) and it is a log of sorts. So I will keep doing it.  In the mean time, my sister tried to kill me. I am waiting for the pictures of our hike on the Golden Eagle Trail before I post more about that.



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