I have no idea why I did this, but I recovered my toddler sized rocking chair seat. I forgot to take a before picture, but just picture a faded purple blotch that was supposed to be a flower on a stained piece of white. Very stained. Toddlers are not tidy. Anyway, I had a scrap of fabric I am getting rid of as part of the hoarder fighting project. So I cut off part of it and stapled it around the base. Maybe took all of 15 minutes. An odd project since I have no one that is of a size to use the chair. But it is cute. And ready for any future toddler visits. Hint hint hint. (Not nagging, kids, just, well, hinting. I need babies to love on.)IMG_20160326_070631[1]

My crocheting continues. I do a row or three while I watch YouTube gardening shows. Motivates me to do weeding and try new seeds. Here’s what I am working on at the moment:

04/17/2016 The blanket is bigger. I am going to double it because the finished version per the pattern is about the size of a lap blanket. Not quite what I was expecting. I do like the different textures.




Sewing and Crocheting – thru 2015

I like to make things. I sew but not as much as I used to. I made seasonal covers for the porch furniture and costumes for the dog. She is a good walking billboard. I also made a Clan Little one for the wee corgi.

I dressed her up for Halloween one year. Furriest mermaid ever!JadaHalloween2011

Most of my creative focus has been through crocheting. My grandmother taught me how to both knit and crochet so long ago that I don’t remember learning. I still can cast on and knit but have never really made anything.  Here’s the 2015 projects:

Tylor’s blanket with Poe quality testing. This is a Corner to Corner, aka C2C blanket: 20150403_170121.jpg

2 preemie sized star blankets. I didn’t like the open center of the first one, so I modified the beginning a little bit. I also used a brighter blue for better contrast with the purple and added a row to each color.

Star BlanketRainbowStar

Jude’s blanket

John and Sarah’s blanket sarah's blanket

And a fox hood

fox hood


Prior years works:

Chris’s blanket. This was made of two different bands, alternating. I really like the texture of this:

2013-06-24 08.56.10

Matt’s blanket. This is a granny stripe. Six stripes of color, one of black:

Matt's Blanket

Jay’s blanket. The pattern is called Fisherman’s Ring. I like the portability of squares. Learned a new technique for joining the squares also when I did this.:

2013-02-23 16.05.48

Adelyn’s blanket.  A C2C – Corner to Corner:megan's blanket

Kristen & Brian’s blanket. Another C2C:



Hats & scarves. All given away.

Did several of these in different colors:

Owl Hat

Bags. The pink one is an inside joke on a forum I belong to. The others were gifts. I did weave in the ends. I just didn’t take a picture afterwards.


Gnomes. I may do these in Christmas colors for Santas and elves.

Bibs – Did these in a bunch of different colors415

Baby bottle or beer bottle cozies:

and a baby dress: