My Sister Is Trying to Kill Me, Golden Eagle Trail Episode

The Sunday before Memorial Day, my sister tried to kill me. Golden Eagle Trail is a little over 9 miles of death. Very pretty, very steep, death. Otherwise known as a hike. We met up with two of her equally insane friends a little after 9:30 in the morning with her dog  Tippy and my Jada. We then proceeded to the trail. Oh boy. I’ll let the pictures speak to how pretty it was.

that doesn’t look so bad…


Jada and Tippy enjoyed the hike:

20160529_101244 20160529_09553420160529_110344 20160529_11034620160529_110350 20160529_11042620160529_111658

Pretty scenery


with nasty edges. That is a sharp dropoff at that rock edge.


I wasn’t going to get much closer. Jada and Tippy were braver than my sister and me. This had another big dropoff edge.


Neat rock. Looks like a bench but was not that big. Just a neat rock.


More rocks and pretty.




More rocks.


Rocks and trees.


Wolf Creek, I think.

20160529_121833[1] 20160529_122608[1]20160529_122341[1]

More pretty.


The highest point. You’d think I could maybe smile?


Jada in the creek.


Those poles come in handy!


Such a happy hiker dog!


After the attempted homicide, errrrr, ummm, hike, I watched the video on this post about the trail. Where he talks about the steep downgrade being hard on older knees? UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY!!! I really had trouble with this part. I wish I had known that it was a known issue. I felt like a big baby. But, that said, I really was hurting. Aleve helped a lot. Made it so I could get back to my car. I couldn’t turn around and couldn’t just stay there. Surprisingly enough, the next day I was just stiff all over. And by day 2, I was much better. So, I win this round. Wonder where she’ll try to kill me next? I think I may push for Watkins Glen. I haven’t been there in over 40 years. I’d like to see it again.


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