The Backyard Barnyard

March goodness from the garden.

Well, it is way too early for any harvests, of course. It got very warm here, so I have turned off the heated water bowl for the Fiends and turned on the pond pump. There are somewhere between 15 and 20 fish in there.

In preparation for spring/summer/yardengarden activities, I am continuing to start my seeds. All 9 of the Brunswick Cabbage sprouted. I have 58 onions out of the 72 seeds. The turnip experiment is going great; the leaves are growing and are a nice green. Soon I will be able to try turnip greens for the first time. Today, March 8, I started to sprout 44 parsnip seeds in damp paper towels. 20160308_184218[1]Why 44? That’s how many I had poured  into my hand from the packet. When they sprout I will put them in soil. Parsnips are supposedly finicky when just planted before sprouting. I’ve never grown them before. Now I need to look up parsnip recipes, just in case they all grow. It is still too early to start any other seeds.

I took advantage of the weather and laid out where I want to build more beds and paths. I put the old lattice trellis up on the fence between the 2 cherry trees. I have 2 big pots I will put spaghetti squash in to vine up it. I also pulled up some of the dead water iris leaves so the pond biofilter would not be clogged. I still have a lot of the water iris growing outside the pond that I need to pull up. Lovely invasive insidious stuff.

I’m noodling around an idea about selling crafty stuff related to my obsessions. With that in mind, I signed up with gmail for an email address with a variant of this post title. I can now be reached at I have ideas, just not sure how to go about doing it all. We’ll see. Life is an adventure, after all.



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